What Makes Me Feel Sexy

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What Makes Me Feel Sexy

Over the last few years I have been noticing a resurgence in the Body Positive Movement. I have been seeing fashion brands feature “plus size” models, even say an athletic company feature three different sized dancers all looking and feeling as though they were not the least bit afraid of being seen.

I remember myself thinking in my twenties, that I would not be loved unless I was thinner. It was really more of a statement of “See, she lost weight and found her love.” I cut the image out of the newly slender celebrity and her new husband as my proof that with thinness came affection. Years later within my own marriage, I am relearning that myself, in all of it’s curves can be sexy and enjoy finding things that bring it out.  I would love to share what I like to do to encourage my own sense of sexiness.


I am learning how not to hide inside baggy clothes. This is new for me as I have for the longest time, not been particularly fond of my post pregnancy tummy. I would often hide in shirts that were too large and were in reality making me feel like a lump of potatoes. This one has been a slow process as I do not go shopping often but when I do, I try to look in sizes that are my own, that are cut and fit well and that i feel amazing in. If I don't love it, I don't buy it. Bottom Line.

     2.The sexy thing you love

I am in love with shoes, and I love wearing heels that make me feel like a million but also make me walk like a million too. However there has been the occasional to tall of a heel that strains my muscles in trying to keep my upright. But over all, i have found the height that is right and make a point to wear them when appropriate. Even to the kid’s PTA!

  1. Accentuate what you love

My lips and my hair make me stand out, often if I like it or not. How about embracing that and making it bigger. I wear lip color that is strange and unusual, I let me fro be as large as it wants to be. This makes me feel sexy when I know and can see there is not another like me.

  1. Be Seen

Another big struggle I have had for a long time is allowing myself to be seen naked. I honestly thought I was being judged and I felt a lot of shame. I eventually figured out that if I stop worrying about what someone else thought of who and what I am, the better and more authentic I can be and how I can lean in to my natural state of fearlessness in this and other areas of my life.

  1. Embrace

You are who you are, it is what it is. No one is saying that you can’t change, but how lovely would it be to honor and find joy in yourself as is rather than fighting for the image of how you would like to be. Love yourself first.