Thinking about "Value"

Thinking about "Value"

I have been thinking a lot about “Value”. Not just in dollar signs but also in the rich moments that are delicious and make me smile from the inside out. I have also  been thinking about how to bring more perceived value to my work, my relationships, my presence.  I have been chewing on what “value” means to myself and the nuances of what that means to other people. I am finding out that what “value” means to me is not what it means to my wife, my best friend, or to my son. What my son perceives as valuable is really no less important that what I find valuable.

I am searching for ways to find it in the unexpected moments, the especially hard moments that usually just take so much energy from me.

Adding value to my work is easy. Going the extra mile, adding a bit of knowledge, giving something more. Where I find I struggle is the moment to moment value. Waking up early, lack of sleep, struggling with ideas and projects.

Here is where it seems like the most value can be found. Not in the moments that are epic and are easy but the ones that are hard to identify. The moments that  take a little more effort.

When thinking about “value” and what it means and what it brings, here are some questions that come to mind:

For our work:

What does it look like when someone surprises you with added value at work? How does it make you feel? How can you reproduce that? How can you give value back?

For our partner:

What was that last thing your partner said or did that added value to your relationship, big or small? What did that look like? How did you respond? Where can you find value in something that you did not necessarily appreciate at the time? Do they know that brought value to you? Can you tell them now?

For our life:

When was the last time that value surprised you? How can you bring more value into your life, now? What are ways that you can see value you in things unexpected? What does value feel like in your life? What does it look like?

Removing what does not bring value:

What is taking value away from you? How can these things be removed from your life? Can your perspective be changed? Can how you see value in these moments be shifted?

Taking a moment to find your own meaning of value and understanding what it looks like to your most important people, for me, feels like the key to unlocking a joyful and rich existence.