The Seven Steps for Ultimate Change

The Seven Steps for Ultimate Change

The ladies here at Bait’D are in a beginning of a big process of change.  Again. We are looking to make some extraordinary leaps and take some huge steps by aggressively taking action on the goals we want to achieve. With the New Year in full swing, we want to share the method that we have learned.
  1.     Change is hard

No one said that this was going to be easy. Change is hard. It takes courage and strength of heart to make a way to have your goals accomplished. Know ahead of time that you will have to work harder that you did before. You will have to think differently than you did before. What you have always done has gotten you to where you have always been. A shift in mindset is what is needed. Do whatever it takes and make failure impossible. When you want to take the island, you better burn the boats.

  1.     Know your outcomes

Now is the time to get very clear about what you want. Be specific. Decide the dollar amount, decide the amount of weight you want to lose, decide in a specific measurable way what it is you want to obtain.  For even better results, understand your “Why.” Getting your emotions involved is like a lightning rod to your goals. Use language that stirs you and words that exactly describe why you have this goal. “I want to look stunning in my dress. I want to be ravishing naked”; whatever words that make you FEEL… use it.

  1.     Plan your strategy

What is your massive action plan? Not just a few small baby steps, but the big movements that can take you closer to your goal than ever before. Do not settle for mediocrity, allow yourself extraordinary and be daring in your plan.  And for each step, ask yourself “How can I do more?”. After all, you are looking for maximum results.

  1.     Review often

Schedule time for yourself to review your plan often. So many plans fall aside because they are simply forgotten about. Reviewing often also give you the opportunity to recalibrate, see what is working, what is not and to take steps that continue you in the direction that you want to go. Commit to yourself and commit to others if that helps you stay accountable.

  1.     Celebrate success

Make room for joy and celebration. Plan your celebration for each milestone you accomplish, as big or as small as you want to make it. The whole idea is to keep that fire and the momentum going. Don’t stop now.

  1.     Find a coach

Success leaves clues. Find someone who has done what you want to do and have them mentor you. Ask them questions about your goal and see how you can learn from them.  If you can’t find a coach right away, get around people who are already doing what you want to do now. The successes will get infections and growth cannot help but happen when you are part of a tribe that encourages it.

  1.     Share

Talk about your goal.  Share with others what you are doing and how you are going to do it.  The people that matter in your life won’t mind! You also never know who might be able to help in some way. You may also find someone that could use your help and experience in what you have learned thus far. Knowledge is power so spread it around!

Choice. It is all about choice. Making the decision and going. You have the power to do whatever your goals and your missions are, all you have to do is decide. Continue, and decide.


With Love,


Bait'D Team