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Our space within the BDSM community is a light one. We are taking the sometimes perceived as dark and seedy and turning a light onto it, a silver or gold light. We are taking the industrial and making it beautiful with carefully selected materials, partnering with fine jewelry makers and diligently striving to innovate the BDSM product industry. We work to change the standard and perception of kink and sexuality. We make luxury BDSM products. Nipple clamps are usually industrial and easy to spot out. Floggers have a specific mission and size and we intend to shift that standard. Handcuff...

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Over the last few years I have been noticing a resurgence in the Body Positive Movement. I have been seeing fashion brands feature “plus size” models, even say an athletic company feature three different sized dancers all looking and feeling as though they were not the least bit afraid of being seen. I remember myself thinking in my twenties, that I would not be loved unless I was thinner. It was really more of a statement of “See, she lost weight and found her love.” I cut the image out of the newly slender celebrity and her new husband as...

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What does it mean to you to be passionate?   There are so many things in this life to be passionate about and so many ways to express it.   You can be passionate about family.  Protecting family, cultivating relationships with your parents, your kids, your third cousin - twice removed.  You can spend all your weekends at family barbeques retelling stories and hearing new ones.  You can create keepsake photo albums full of memories with family both born and chosen.  This is a passion worth the effort.  To know where you came from and guide the next generation onwards...

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