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I had the delight to come across an extensive article written by Heather Corinna and CJ Turett about a understanding and taking inventory or your and your partner’s sexual stock list. This list that includes a printable PDF is an ideal and near genius and straightforward method to taking literal inventory of what you are comfortable with, what you would like to explore and what you have zero interest in experiencing. Upon reading this list, I internally gaged my own answers with the answers that I would anticipate for my partner. I realized that after 5+ years of being with...

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I am terrible about taking care of myself. I forget to eat. I live on coffee. I am the type of person that I listen to anticipate the needs and wants for my family at the detriment of my own. I so often get so invested in my work that I will lose sleep rushing to an imaginary finish line. There is a laundry list of other things that I am terrible at when it comes to myself but that’s a small novel that I am not prepared to write. I do this to myself. I put ungodly amounts of...

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Recently I was listening to a Youtube video of a TEDx Talk by Simon Sinek that got me thinking deeply about “why”. It turned into a bit of a rabbit hole that I spent several days searching for a deep authentic answer. Immediate and off the cuff answers seemed half assed and more of a “result” than a “why”. I kept thinking and wanted to dig deeper for the meat of it.  Why does Bait’D exist? Why do I design? Why should someone care about what we create? Why should someone believe what we believe? Why is this valuable? Why...

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