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Failure is … a word that needs to be re-accepted. Failure needs to be embraced. I don't think failure should be strived for but I do believe that failure needs to be allowed as part of any process that is new. Failure = learning = growth. I remember a quote from a man I admire “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” to put it bluntly. In designing our products, I have learned to build “failure” into any project process I am starting and allow time for it. This is also sometimes in direct conflict with another philosophy I live by...

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Recently I was listening to a Youtube video of a TEDx Talk by Simon Sinek that got me thinking deeply about “why”. It turned into a bit of a rabbit hole that I spent several days searching for a deep authentic answer. Immediate and off the cuff answers seemed half assed and more of a “result” than a “why”. I kept thinking and wanted to dig deeper for the meat of it.  Why does Bait’D exist? Why do I design? Why should someone care about what we create? Why should someone believe what we believe? Why is this valuable? Why...

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We have been sick around here. And there have been some losses as well. Life has been kicking ass but then again so have we with the work that we have been completing. As with most things, there is an ebb and flow. Personally, I am more extreme than that and see things as a “cloud 9” and “jagged rock cliff face”! And this week, the Bait’D Ladies all have a few wounds to clean up. As we take care of ourselves and get back on track, I am sharing some ideas to help you also get your inner “BadAss”...

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