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My first exposure to burlesque was via YouTube in my twenties. I had the opportunity to go to a local show for my 30th birthday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching the performance, the tease, and props. The performers who engaged me most did more that get naked and jump around with their pastie tassels, one woman did a routine in a large soapy martini glass and another political styled performer played the star spangled banner with a kazoo from her vagina! The whole event was funny and inspiring as I was able to witness all body types, all...

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Over the last few years I have been noticing a resurgence in the Body Positive Movement. I have been seeing fashion brands feature “plus size” models, even say an athletic company feature three different sized dancers all looking and feeling as though they were not the least bit afraid of being seen. I remember myself thinking in my twenties, that I would not be loved unless I was thinner. It was really more of a statement of “See, she lost weight and found her love.” I cut the image out of the newly slender celebrity and her new husband as...

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