Sleep and Sex: 5 ways to get more

Sleep and Sex: 5 ways to get more

I think we know that sex can make you sleepy; did you know that sleep affects your sex drive?

We generally know the more overt symptoms of sleep deprivation, but lowered sex drive is one of them and does not get much mention. In a recent survey conducted by Consumer Health Digest, 10% of surveyed women report that sleep issues are having a direct impact on relationships. One third of these women say that they are often to tired to sleep with their partner.

Sleep is so often easy to control and so routinely neglected. If you could choose to have more sleep to have more sex with your partner, would you choose it?

For now, here are five ways to get more sleep, starting tonight.

  1.     Prioritize sleep

I am the first one to say “I’ll sleep when I am dead!” But I am also the same person who gets so tired in a day, I will stop working completely to get sleep in.  The argument for getting more sleep in now can be enhanced by understanding how much more productive you would be with a fully rested brain. If you can make time to work, visit friends, play with the family, you can make time to sleep.

  1.     Turn off the devices

There is nothing happening that cannot wait until morning. I do understand on-call work, family emergencies and the like. However, for most of us common folk, there is not a text message, email, or FaceBook notification that cannot wait until morning. Turn off the iPad, turn the phone to silent, and leave it in another room if you have to. Leave the distractions and stimulations alone.

  1.     Create a ritual

Find you way to create a bedtime ritual. I have a hard time with this as I have the propensity to put the needs of other before my own. I am beginning a new plan of an evening shower, my favorite incense, and light music before crawling into bed at my “shut down time”. After the kid is in bed and the spouse is trying to get some alone time, this is a perfect moment for me to slip away and not worry about work and who is going to need my attention in the morning.

  1.     Understand your individual sleep rhythm

We all have a naturally occurring circadian rhythm that is linked to the rising and setting sun. Melatonin, a hormone that makes you sleepy, is highest when it is dark and less so when there is light. Making a point to keep your windows open during the day, get as much natural light as you can and close the blinds or curtains at night (especially if you live in a bright city).

  1.     Relax

In the most genuine way possible. Find what keeps you restless and make a plan to deal with it earlier in the day. I often spin around in circles thinking about the emails that I need to send and the project that needs a decision. I find that if I write these things down, plan how I will deal with them later, I am more inclined to let them go while I am taking part in the rest of my ritual.

Above all else, find out what works for you. Try something. Try everything. Sleep is to important to neglect it. Your brain needs it, your sex life needs it, your work needs it. Sleep has to happen to do all the things in our insane world. Do them right and get more sleep.