Prioritizing Self Care

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Prioritizing Self Care

I am terrible about taking care of myself.

I forget to eat. I live on coffee. I am the type of person that I listen to anticipate the needs and wants for my family at the detriment of my own. I so often get so invested in my work that I will lose sleep rushing to an imaginary finish line. There is a laundry list of other things that I am terrible at when it comes to myself but that’s a small novel that I am not prepared to write.

I do this to myself. I put ungodly amounts of pressure on myself to meet standards that no one is measuring me against. My health is starting to suffer because of the self-inflicted damage of my workaholic/neurotic nature. A recent sleep study is showing me that.

I do not know how to prioritize my needs. Hell, I am only vaguely aware of what my needs are. But I have a plan. It’s a small plan but it’s better than where I was a few hours ago, stressed out in my car on the verge of tears, rushing to my next obligation.

Something I am good at is change. So for seven days, this is what I am going to do:

My plan starts with taking my mornings back for myself. I am creating a set time where I will be focused on self-care rather than business, laundry or the needs of others. Getting to the gym is high on that list.

Preplanning my lunches and snacks will go a long way to helping me to keep from getting to the “Hangry” moment where I could eat everything and someone’s face.

My evenings are chaotic and not likely to remain predictable. I know that I will have to give this area of my day some real thought to determine how I will be able to better accommodate my needs and the responsibilities of being a wife, a mother, a daughter, a designer, a friend.

After the seven days are over I plan to reevaluate what worked and what did not, so that I can repeat productive aspects of this plan.  I recognize that my current pattern of complete tunnel vision is not in my best interest. So that I don’t implode from stress or illness, I am taking measures now for me to reevaluate, listen and understand what me needs are how to prioritize them.

Even with my plan in place, I need to remember, I can always ask for help.