Plan B - Your Spontaneous Life

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Plan B - Your Spontaneous Life

Another blog post from our own Amber Reed...

No we’re not talking about birth control - although it is a near and dear subject for us… we’re talking about options in your life.  The “Y” in the road.  Your potential Plan B life and spontaneity!

Recently we came across a Huffington Post article that really resonated with us here at Bait’D.  It was titled FACE IT: Spontaneity Is The Ultimate Anti-Ager.  The article goes on to describe how being spontaneous in your life, both professionally and personally leads to incredible health and professional benefits.  According to Dr. Jill Muir-Sukenick a lack of spontaneity in your life can lead to pre-mature aging and even failure in your professional life.

While we think this touches on the incredible benefits of being spontaneous in your life, it’s just the tip of the iceberg and one of the many reasons why the Bait’D team is here.  

Let’s give you an example.. Your partner wants to go on a dinner date.  You pick your favorite restaurant, you check out the movie listings.  You’re getting ready.  Your date night outfit is on - check.  Your hair is done just so - check. Your makeup is on point - check.  Heels on - check.  You’re feeling great and just want to spend that time with your partner, away from the noise of life.  You have appetizers, maybe a drink.  Finish your favorite meal… and it’s fun.  It’s easy.  It’s comfortable.  But it’s missing something…

You are missing that spontaneous physical connection.  The one that gets your heart racing, your blood pumping, where you feel shy and sensual at the same time.  Where every touch lights a fire on your skin.  You politely excuse yourself from the table, “Restroom babe” - there’s a blush on your cheeks and you smile as you look down at your partner slyly.  

Your Plan B has been laid.  

You await your partner in the restroom and then the door opens.  Hands and clothes are everywhere.  You take off your Butterfly earrings and then they are attached onto your naked breasts, the slipknots getting tighter and tighter around your nipples.  It’s a sensation that you haven’t felt in awhile.  You are on a pleasure wave that doesn’t see an end in sight.  Your everyday life is gone, a distant memory.  Work.. kids.. bills.. all gone.  The only thing that matters now is just you and your partner.  Your spontaneous connection.

The movie is missed.  You didn’t really want to see it anyways, and let’s face it - the popcorn sucks.  You pay the bill and spend the next couple hours you have prepaid with the babysitter just sitting by the river or overlooking the city talking and touching and connecting with your partner.  Your Plan B has you giddy, smiling, feeling loved and wanted and needed.

Plan B.  Come be spontaneous with us and get ready to be Bait’D.