Our First Event!!

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Our First Event!!

Due to some serendipitous comments on a local Seattle instagram post, we were invited to attend the second annual Her Spring Party!

To give you a brief overview, Her is a social media app created specifically for the lesbian community. They do parties all over the country and I am excited to have Bait’D to participate in this year's party at Fred’s Wildlife Refuge on June 2nd.

There is to be approximately 200-300 people in attendance and we will be there to show our designs in the fashion show with other local androgynous fashion designers, beer pong and giant jenga. There will also be icebreakers to help the solo people mingle and chat with each other.

We will be having our jewelry on display with the models as well as offering jewelry and our coloring book as part of their door prize give aways.

If you are local to the Seattle area, I hope you can come a visit with us. If not, check up out via our Snapchat and Instagram for behind the scenes and live feed of the event.

Link to the event: