Our Favorite Passion

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Our Favorite Passion

What does it mean to you to be passionate?  

There are so many things in this life to be passionate about and so many ways to express it.  

You can be passionate about family.  Protecting family, cultivating relationships with your parents, your kids, your third cousin - twice removed.  You can spend all your weekends at family barbeques retelling stories and hearing new ones.  You can create keepsake photo albums full of memories with family both born and chosen.  This is a passion worth the effort.  To know where you came from and guide the next generation onwards and upwards.

You can be passionate about learning.  One of our favorite things to be passionate about is learning.  Learning is the meaning of life.  Might as well be passionate about it.  Learn about people, learns about science, learn about cultures, learn about love.  I promise you’ll never be bored.  The mind is a terrible thing to waste, after all.

By far our favorite; and what we at Bait’D are all about, is the passion between partners.  While we love and appreciate the kind of passion you may feel while watching your partner put a Band-Aid on the boo-boo of your child or the passion you may feel while holding hands with your partner while walking down an all important aisle.  We are talking about that all out craving of physical and emotional passion.

The kind of passion that shoots out your eyes and you cannot help but feel warm in all the right places just by locking eyes with your partner.  The kind of passion that lights a smile to play at the corner of your mouth just upon sight of your partner.  The kind of passion where you feel heat flare to your cheeks and tremors shake your body by a single touch from them.  The kind of passion where you can feel the presence of your partner in a room before he/she is seen or heard.  An immediate pressure in your atmosphere and yours alone.  The kind of passion that takes over all rational thought and you’d do anything to have your partner naked, trembling, moaning and satisfied - no matter where you are or who is watching.  Whether at a happy hour, a cocktail party, a movie theater, an office, a car or a bedroom.  

That’s the kind of passion we love best  here at Bait’D.  No shying away, no running from it.  We are here to create products to embrace that kind of spontaneity and passion.  There are no “Red Rooms” there are no “Locked Boxes”.  Be you, be passionate about life, about love, about learning.  Embrace your Goddess and let love loose.  

“Passion is the oxygen of your soul.”  - Bill Butler