May is National Masturbation Month!!

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May is National Masturbation Month!!

So many companies within the sex industry are participating and I find it amazing that women, especially in this political climate are still making time to get themselves off. Bless them.

How do you like to self induce an orgasm? Doing a little bit of research, you can immediately find some interesting conditions in which some people are only able to climax. A few impressive ones I found via the app Whisper:

“I can only orgasm when I think of a man I am sleeping with is married and his wife is about to catch us.”

“I can only orgasm when I am working my abs”

“The way I climax is by thinking about video game characters. I am a woman.”

“The only time I orgasm is while watching Walking Dead.”

“I can only reach orgasm when I masturbate on my stomach and then my bf bites me at the right time.”

I applaud these people who have stuck with masturbating to find something that works. It would take a lifetime of study to read all the research conducted on human sexuality, especially that around masturbation.

To contribute to the fun of all the playfulness that is happening (in general and not just because it’s may), here are some fun facts about masturbation.

  1. Dolphins, squirrels, deer, some species of birds, horses, walrus and apes have been known to masturbate.
  2. A study on masturbation at the University of Sydney stated that masturbation has been show to help alleviate insomnia and prevent diabetes.
  3. In a public survey on masturbation, 95% of male respondents admitted to participating while 85% of women said they did as well.  53% of these women used toys to assist in getting off.
  4. Even people who claim to be asexual will participate in masturbation, without the sexual fantasies attached to it.
  5. For women, masturbating is shown to ease the pain of cramps with its rush of endorphins and other neurochemicals. However some women find it harder to climax while on their cycle because of lowered sensitivity.
  6. Personal vibrators were the 5th home electronic permitted for home use.
  7. An Argentina man masturbated 83 times in a 24hr period- setting the world record.
  8. Gram Crackers were originally made to treat and prevent masturbation.

However you decide to celebrate this masturbation month, I do hope that it ends with an orgasm and at least a smile on your face! Enjoy and I hope you happen upon something new that brings you to new levels of…. well… you know the rest.