Making-Out Music

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Making-Out Music

Music affects everyone. From infancy to adulthood, it’s affects are primal. Even scientific research  has shown that music has the same neuro-chemical effects on the brain as sex and drugs. Also giving the same propensity to be addictive, particularly in the immersive environments of playing or listening to music.

I am providing a listing of current and popular music that after some extensive time listening to and a few good make out sessions of my own, I want to offer as a kick start for your own list of music to make out with. These tracks were selected for their ability to draw you into the song on a rhythmic whole. Deep brooding baselines that can seduce you with your eyes close. These tunes also carry elements of higher vocal arrangements that seem to shift the breath and bring you audibly closer to making your ears climax. These selections explore the edges of pain with pleasure, sometimes at the same time.  Compiled to pull you and your partner into a headspace for lots of kissing and heavy petting. If you happen to steamroll into the bedroom, well then, you’re welcome. Otherwise I hope you add these to your Tidal or Spotify playlist the next time you have company and enjoy what happens.

FKA Twigs- Two Weeks

Zyan – Pillow Talk

James Blake – Retrograde

The Weeknd – You Earned It

Justin Bieber - The Feeling

Usher- Climax

Marsha Ambrosius- Late Nights and Early Mornings

Jhene Aiko ft The Weeknd & Frank Ocean – All I want

Jeremih - oui

Ro James- Permission

Rihanna- Skin

Beyonce- Rocket

John Legend – Tonight

Rita Ora- Body On Me

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