Feng Shui for Love and Romance

Feng Shui for Love and Romance

I learned about Feng Shui first when I was a teenager and depressed after my girlfriend broke up with me. I used it to help myself feel better but also to attract a new relationship. I would say it worked. My experience could be related to the placebo effect or actual results. Either way, I felt that shifting the energy of my environment useful in changing how I felt. After all, that was the solution I was going for and I absolutely felt better.

Feng Shui can be considered a pseudoscience that is based on the Chinese philosophy of harmonizing oneself with an environment for specific results. I do not claim to be a “specialist” but I have often used it’s practice to encourage love and romance within my household. I also found this useful to ease the occasional bad dream or rid stressful situations.

I have compiled a few useful tasks that one can do to help encourage love, romance and a little sexual energy. Many of these I have used myself and a few I look forward to using as soon as possible.

For The Bedroom

Look at the location of the bed. Is it open and useable for two people? Move a bed that is against a wall out so that both sides of the bed are accessible. Make sure that there are two nightstands and any other items that can be used as pairs. The idea is to create balance for the bed and harmony in the partners using it.

Candles are obviously beautiful when lit but also help create a refined atmosphere in a room. Using the low lighting of candles in your room can help create a space welcoming to sexual energy. If candles aren’t an option, salt lamps provide as nice dim light and a cleansing property to the room.

Use romantic art or sculptures in the room that depict a loving or sexual embrace or image.

Leave out the TV, the electronics and exercise equipment. When you’re in the bedroom… you’re sleeping or having sex that’s it. Treat this room as a sacred space.

After you have physically cleaned the room, clean the energy in the room with lighting white sage smoke. Making a point to get into the corners of the room and under the bed. Speaking of under the bed, keep this area clear if possible. This helps the energy flow through the room without getting bunched up or bound under the bed.

When you are able, open a window to allow fresh oxygen to enter the room. Doing this after you have sage-ed, is like pouring out the dirty mop water.

All aspects of the room cannot be ignored.  The closet needs the same attention as the rest of the bedroom. Is there room for another person’s things?  Does one person’s clothes take over the closet?  Is it clean and tidy in all corners? Aim to create balance here as well or create space so when a new partner arrives, there is room for them in your life.

Now that the bedroom has been addressed, take the time to read more on Feng Shui and it’s principles for the rest of your home. This practice could be useful in maintain harmony with your family, creating balance with your finances and possibly improve your health.