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Failure is … a word that needs to be re-accepted.

Failure needs to be embraced.

I don't think failure should be strived for but I do believe that failure needs to be allowed as part of any process that is new.

Failure = learning = growth.

I remember a quote from a man I admire “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” to put it bluntly.

In designing our products, I have learned to build “failure” into any project process I am starting and allow time for it. This is also sometimes in direct conflict with another philosophy I live by of working quickly, deciding quickly, moving quickly. However, I have learned to fail fast. This sounds terrible but I find it wildly productive.

Make a model, break it, learn, repeat. I also have other members of my team do the same thing. I make a model, they break it, we learn, I repeat. This keeps an never ending cycle of progressing and completing designs that I believe will work in end user testing.

If I didn't fail, I wouldn't learn. If I don't Fail, I didn't try. If I don't fail, nothing gets done. I guess then the struggle turns into, removing the emotional attachment to the end result. Keeping it binary, did it work, did it not, move on.

Making a model, breaking it, and making a new one is a cycle I will get into multiple times per item. This can be time consuming but again, it’s built into the process to account for failure. I have learned to not be afraid of “wasting” time. Not in the “spent all my time on Instagram so now I have no time to design.” but more of “I spent six months designing this product and now we aren't going to use it. I rather “waste” my time on an idea that was stupid and recognize that, than not recognizing it at all.