Determining Your Why

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Determining Your Why

Recently I was listening to a Youtube video of a TEDx Talk by Simon Sinek that got me thinking deeply about “why”. It turned into a bit of a rabbit hole that I spent several days searching for a deep authentic answer. Immediate and off the cuff answers seemed half assed and more of a “result” than a “why”. I kept thinking and wanted to dig deeper for the meat of it.  Why does Bait’D exist? Why do I design? Why should someone care about what we create? Why should someone believe what we believe? Why is this valuable? Why is this important?  It drove me nuts that I could only dig into the rational answers to this question when it was the emotional reasons that I was looking for.

The only work I did for a full day was diving into this question of why. Simon’s video said “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. I felt a compulsive draw to know the answer. I felt this answer would be important, vital even, to help me align all aspects of my work under the same message. I not only need to viscerally know the answer but I need to be able to articulate it with clear expression.

With extensive paper spent and a restless night pondering:

We believe in pushing that status quo. We believe women are

beautiful, powerful, sexual goddesses. We believe in freedom

of sexual expression. We find traditional kink and BDSM toys

uninspired and obvious. We believe you should be able to have

Your cake and eat it too.

We do this by creating a shift in the BDSM narrative. We describe

a sexual playground that is not just whips, chains and fuzzy hand-cuffs.

We pull the feminine strength back into the design of accessories.

We encourage women to embrace their sexual expression and

encourage her to wear it openly by creating jewelry that is thoughtful

and dual purpose.  Planned or spontaneous, we provide earrings,

necklaces, and bracelets that are handcuffs, floggers and nippleclamps.

Worn for whenever and wherever the mood strikes.  

I have a feeling that I will be working on this answer from time to time as things shift change and grow. But for now, I am glad that I can clearly articulate why and now I get to do the fun part of figuring out how to show that in all aspects of work that is produced.

If you would like to see the talk as well, follow the link below and have fun on your own yellow brick road.