Change is Only as Difficult as You Make It

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Change is Only as Difficult as You Make It

So much has been changing around me. The people I care about have been experiencing so many changes and having so many stressors and I am finding the last few months to be an amazing window into clarity, shifts, and change. Change drives growth and breakthroughs. No one said it would be comfortable or easy but it’s necessary and absolutely needed for evolution of anything.

I spend a vast majority of my time learning from industry leaders in business/ personal growth and development and from my biggest influences, here are my 10 Rules for rolling with change.

  1. Don’t go with the flow, but don’t fight the flow either.
  2. Remember this is temporary
  3. Make decisions
  4. Lean in to your stressors and find what you can learn, use, or capitalize from them.
  5. Don’t resist, persist, perpetually, always.
  6. Change your mind
  7. There is always a way
  8. Perspective is everything
  9. Encourage Change
  10. Watch What Happens

I send you and anyone else who needs a little extra love and hugs today, my heart and courage and I hope that with a little fearlessness that all will be well.