Body Positive Burlesque

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Body Positive Burlesque

My first exposure to burlesque was via YouTube in my twenties. I had the opportunity to go to a local show for my 30th birthday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching the performance, the tease, and props. The performers who engaged me most did more that get naked and jump around with their pastie tassels, one woman did a routine in a large soapy martini glass and another political styled performer played the star spangled banner with a kazoo from her vagina! The whole event was funny and inspiring as I was able to witness all body types, all skin tones and all get a wow and reaction from the audience.

Over the next few years, this got me digging into more artists that are doing specifically body positive burlesque. These are my favorite ladies and there are countless more just waiting to be seen.

Immodesty Blaze

This constant creative looks like she stepped out of old Hollywood herself, currently described as the reigning queen of burlesque and is also Miss Exotic World. Her performances are larger than life and so much more than expected. She is a gem to watch and her art and style leave a lot to be envied. Also working within body positivity, she is a top 20 Bestselling author and an eating psychology coach.


Perle Noir


A beautiful woman described as a “reincarnated Josephine Baker”, she reminds me of the feeling I get when I have a glass of wine and listen to old school Marvin Gaye.

Lillian Bustle

She is a woman i adore for her humor and her characters on stage as well as her political statements. She has also delivered a TEDx  talk in New Jersey on “Stripping Away Negative Body Image” that talks a little deeper into the societal standard of “beauty”, the psychological damage to self around body images and the meaning of burlesque and how it helped her find her inner power.


Davita Von Teese

This performer makes me laugh and I appreciate that she is able to coy-fully poke fun. In the YouTube video “How to be Sexy while doing Unsexy things” she shows us how wearing a fanny pack or doing quarterly taxes can be quite tempting if I too inspired the look of 1920’s pinup. She is also a lingerie designer and a published author.

 Body Positivity has been making a new resurgence in the last few years and as a curvy woman, I cannot being to explain how proud I am of women who take the “norm” and turn it on it’s head.

Nothing is out of reach for any of us. This fearlessness is empowering!