Binge Watch These Sexy Historical Fiction Series

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Binge Watch These Sexy Historical Fiction Series

I have a thing about a good historical fiction television series. Events presented in the past that give me a history lesson with a healthy dose of sex added in, just to keep me interested. I also think I have always wanted to be a princess or a queen of some far away land and have my own castle. If you happen to be of the same mind or just want something sexy to watch over the next few days, here are a few stories to help you out.


Set before the famous Julius Caesar took power this luscious series is one of my favorites that mix sex, intrigue, mystery, and power.

The Borgia’s

A spicy series based during the Italian Renaissance, I have only made it to episode six but I am already enjoying my time with this show. I look forward to seeing more of what this series has to offer.

The Tudors

Based on the reign of Henry VIII you can’t help but fall in love with the love affair and the passion between Henry and Anne Boleyn. There is plenty of sex between the other characters that could very well get the heart pumping and have you ready to jump into bed.


Based on Roman history of Gladiators and with more scandal than one knows what to do with, this series has intense overt sex scenes and some of the best breasts I have seen on a show. To top it off, there are some delightful fight scenes and some gore to match.


If you want to know what happened after King Henry VIII died and after Queen Mary passed away, Elizabeth gives you just that information and a few love scenes along the way. Not a series like the above mentioned options but a good way to round out your English Royal family history before diving into The Queen or The Royals.


Anything you can add to the list?  Comment below!