Benefits of Afternoon Delight

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Benefits of Afternoon Delight

The last week has been a doozy.  The entire family ended up sick, one by one we were dropping like flies with symptoms like sweaty and clammy fever, body aches, deep bottom of your stomach-like coughs and t-zone crushing sinus congestion.

At one point the whole family was knocked out and laying on the floor in front of the television.  No amount of roasted garlic soup, fruit infused waters (maybe a hot toddy or two) and Sovereign Silver was doing much good for us.

Needless to say I was out of commission for several days and as I slowly re-entered the world of the living I was still unable to get into the office and did a little bit of work remotely.  

There I was heating up some soup for lunch in the microwave and I feel the husband behind me slowly moving my hair off to one side so he can give my neck soft and gentle kisses.  Instantly heat flooded my body, I tipped my head to one side allowing him easier access to my neck and shoulder.

He rained kisses down my shoulder as his fingers tickled my sides, moving slowly north.  Mmmhmmm…

That little afternoon delight did wonders on my mind, my body, my sense of peace.  Tangled up and sated I laughed for the first time all week. A loud, obnoxious, no holding back laughter filled our home.  Good Goddess, the health benefits of a little mid-day sex!!!

That’s why we are here!  We want to eliminate the standard “we only have sex once a week after the kids are in bed”.. Or the “I’m not feeling it tonight”.  Foreplay, intimate touching, sex all plays huge health benefits.  Releasing oxytocin in to the body in a healthy and consensual way - that kind of natural drug should not ever be limited to a certain time and a certain place.

Bait’D babes are ready whenever they want and whenever they need - no “red rooms” required.