Behind The Bait'D Scenes - The Whip

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Behind The Bait'D Scenes - The Whip

Has anyone in your love life needed a good whippin’?  

Yeah we thought so.. here's our behind the scenes creation of The Whip.

We started out with a few different concepts in mind that needed to be brought to life on paper.  We were envisioning a sexy and dramatic statement piece.  Something that could be paired with jeans, boots and a fall sweater and also bring your lover, blissfully to their knees.  Clothes optional.


As you can see…. We had a few designs in mind...

For The Whip, we decided on a braided sheepskin leather with a solid handle.  We decided the final sketch should be made into a concept image.  Tada!


Then came the prototypes.  The first whip (white handle) was 3D printed utilizing Shapeways and we found an amazing leather-woman to help us design the actual flog to the design.  

We loved it!  We thought we were on to something…

Moving the 3D printed material into a solid metal proved.. Heavy.  It was bulky and the statement it made was - “Whip On Neck”.  It wasn’t Bait’D material..

Back to the drawing board…

Thankfully our designer was on board.  She sketched several new designs and after deciding on two in particular we went forward with some clay models.

Success! The handle we decided to push into concept mode we felt was feminine, bold and a statement piece that says, “Boss”.  This my Bait’D Babes.. Is Bait’D material. ;)

On to the concept image..

Love is an understatement for this piece.  She’s gorgeous, she’s fierce, she’s got it going on! The Whip is every Bait’D Babes’ fantasy come true.  Wearing this beauty makes it impossible to not receive compliments.  Both in and out of the bedroom…

A gold plated handle, sheepskin leather and braided to perfection.  Makes an amazing gift.  We’ve included instructions.. Just in case you need a visual. ;)

Officially introducing - The Whip


It’s finally here.. Waiting for you… with Bait’D breath.

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