A Vegas New Years Eve

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A Vegas New Years Eve

We were lucky enough this year to be apart of the huge blowout in Vegas for New Years Eve.  There's no better way to celebrate the ending of a year and the beginning of a new one with a little Bruno Mars and Ludacris action! 

It was a three day non-stop event.  Partying, dancing, music everywhere, performers, art and fireworks - not to mention the food and drinks!  Of course the people watching and random conversations with strangers in Vegas did not disappoint either.  We had a blast and were so grateful to be there.  Then during all that hustle and bustle, we stumbled upon this amazing out of place altar.

Tucked away just off the strip where there isn't as much foot traffic was The Shrine of the Four-Faced Brahma.  This beautiful altar complete with incense boxes and cushioned foot stools to kneel and pray at each of the four faces with a little sign that read:

“The Brahma Shrine is renowned throughout the far east, to people of all faiths, as a place of prayer which in turn bestows prosperity and good fortune on those who come to visit and make their hopes and wishes known.

The casting ceremonies for the four-faced, eight-handed statue of the Brahma were held in Bangkok, Thailand on November 25, 1983 and many important religious authorities and international dignitaries participated.”

I was brought to a stop with admiration.  The altar called to me in a way I could only describe as a blossoming warm sensation in my chest.  I slipped a ten dollar bill into the donation box and lit my incense.  Working my way around the altar I knelt at each face holding my incense in prayer hands and thought nothing but positive affirmations for the year to come.  Health for my family, my friends, my loved ones.  Success both personally and professionally.  Creative inspiration in my life and positive thoughts.  Leaving three burning incense at each face I stood up again to admire the statue.

Looking around one last time I watched others walk up and light their own bundles to leave.  People both kneeling and standing with heads bowed or motionless at a short distance - taking pictures or just observing.  Children and elders, 20-somethings and teenagers, all walks of life taking in a cultural and religious experience and appreciation.  The warmth in my chest returned and I smiled as I walked off back towards the hurricane that is Vegas.


Here's to our Bait'D Nation and wishing you all have a peaceful, healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year... with lots of spontaneity and pleasure, of course.  <3