8 ways to help you get your “BadAss” back

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8 ways to help you get your “BadAss” back

We have been sick around here. And there have been some losses as well. Life has been kicking ass but then again so have we with the work that we have been completing. As with most things, there is an ebb and flow. Personally, I am more extreme than that and see things as a “cloud 9” and “jagged rock cliff face”! And this week, the Bait’D Ladies all have a few wounds to clean up. As we take care of ourselves and get back on track, I am sharing some ideas to help you also get your inner “BadAss” back too.

  1.     REST

Sometimes you just need it. Sleep, take time off, whatever you need to do to take some down time to recuperate. Chances are pretty good that you have already “earned” it.

  1.     Now start slow

Write down what needs your immediate attention. No judgments attached, just what is. Here is a good time to create a small and flexible plan to get these things in order and completed. But go slow, you don’t want to end up back on your ass.

  1.     Energy

Get outside for a moment, feel better yet? Need some coffee? A friend? A new perspective? Find anything that can help you change your state of being and bring some new life into you. If one doesn’t work, try another. Get your nails done, go to the salon, dance really hard to Bon Jovi while no one is looking! Just change your state!

  1.     Take Action

Take advantage of this while you have it. If you feel moved to act on something, DO IT! If you feel the need to change something, DO THAT! Humans need a little variety in life to keep things interesting. Let go of every excuse or reason not to do something and just take action, and now.

  1.     Self Care again

Don’t let this go by the wayside. Feeling like a BadAss feels great but you may end up starting at step 1 again. Make sure to get that sleep, some good food, and anything else that is a help to your life.

  1.     Ask for help

Sometimes you can’t do everything on your own. I know you’re super woman and all but maybe it’s a good time to enlist the kids, the partner, a friend, a professional. Get creative but never ever be afraid of asking for help.

  1.     Give back

There is a special type of warm and fuzzy that happens when you give back to the community in some way. Money always helps but sometimes, your time can mean more. Help someone else, without judgment and expectation. It is a gift, give it freely.

  1.     Gratitude

When was the last time you thought about the real blessings you have in your life? Reflecting for just a moment on the things that bring you joy or that you are grateful for can do wonders for cleaning the cobwebs in the mind and let some light shine in. And the more you do it, the easier it gets. Do it every day and see where it takes you.

I am almost sure that if you gave this some thought, there is nothing new here. Nothing you have not heard. Sometimes, the biggest boss or the most powerful super woman still needs a reminder of the things it takes to keep her “BadAss” going.