8 Sex Facts That You Didn't Know

8 Sex Facts That You Didn't Know

Sexually active adults don’t know everything. I know we like to think we do but in all truth, there is a lot that we do not know about sex, sexuality, and all things wrapped around it. Here are eight things that I am pretty sure that most people would not find as sexual common knowledge.

  1.     Penguins participate in a form of prostitution

Researchers have witnessed penguins have sex with male partners that are not their primary mate in order to receive pebbles that they use to then build their nest for penguin babies.

  1.     Roberto Esquivel Cabrera from Saltillo, Mexico has the world’s largest penis.

Measuring in at 18.9 inches, he has said that he has only attempted sex twice as the first woman changed her mind after seeing it and the second found it too painful to continue.

  1.     Sex toys are currently banned in Alabama and Mississippi

The Anti Obscenity Act of 1998 was originally sponsored by State Senator Tom Butler as a measure to prohibit “nude dancing”. Selling toys in the area now comes with a hefty $10,000 fine for first offenders.

  1.     4 Roman Catholic Popes have died because of sex

Two died while in the act, while the other two were killed from irate spouses finding out. Pope Leo VII (936-9), Pope John VII (955-64), Pope John XIII (965-72), Pope Paul II (1467-71)

  1.     Marilyn Monroe had problems having an orgasam

She wrote her psychotherapist “You said there was an obstacle in my mind that prevented me from having an orgasm; that it was something that happened early in my life about which I felt so guilty that I did not deserve to have the greatest pleasure there is;...That it was buried in my unconscious. Through analysis we would bring it to my conscious mind where we could get to the guilt and free me to be orgasmic. Well, we sure worked it and got nowhere. I'd go home and cry and vomit from the frustration."  They later got to the root of her issue and she was able to climax.

  1.    Porn star Annabel Chung became a record breaker in 1995 for engaging in 251 sex acts with about 70 men

This was over a 10-hour period, recorded for a documentary called “The Worlds Largest Gang Bang”

  1.     Ancient Egyptians used Crocodile dung as birth control

In records dating back to 1850 BC, these reptile dropping were used as a spermicide during the time.

  1.    Many of women do not have a  “G-Spot”

While research has stated that many women do have a hypersensitive area in the inside of their vagina that can reach orgasm, many women do not have this area or are even bothered by the attempt at stimulating this “spot”