5 Kink and Sex Educators to know on YouTube

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5 Kink and Sex Educators to know on YouTube

You know that moment when you’re on YouTube with time to kill and you spiral down the rabbit hole. Next time, plan your rabbit hole and take some time to up your education and knowledge on bondage, kinks, kissing and a few other awesome tidbits that are going to leave your sex life empowered.

Watts The Safeword


2male team of light hearted pacific northwest kink educators

Reid About Sex


Sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko teaches adults how to create more self-esteem, self confidence and greater health in and out of the bedroom.

DeGiotto Rope Bondage


Rope bondage tutorials as well a performances and other suspensions.

Crazy for Love


Light hearted duo that provide videos on everything from how to kiss on a Hammock to ideas, tips, and tricks for couples

Love Honey


A world wild distributor of sex toys offering how to and reviews of many of their toys and educational videos.


Do you have any other favorites?  Let us know!